24 January 2016

Tabula restaurent

restaurent in zamalk
 lebnanese restaurent

The other day i went  to this lebanese restaurent in zamalek ,cairo  named  Taboula .Restaurent was 
pretty decorative and full of photos of the 80's singers. it look quite like a cave; very small and the celling was short. .The external interface was glass which allows sunlight and allow you to see people passing outside. The upper floor has only restroom nothing else was there

 lebnanese restaurent

               The main themes were peach and brown ;wall was peach  while trims , stairs and chairs and tables were chocolate brown.you have multiple choices of place which you want to sit and have your meal .i prefred sofa on the west where was less sun light

tabula restaurent in zamalk    
  .There was 80's lebanese song playing.it was a little bit nosiy.i didn't love background songs  
.The food was delicious,the place was quite and luxury
you can visit their website for more information and you can have a look at their menu 
 lebnanese restaurent

My ratings 
decor 8\10*
food     9\10*
comfortable   8\10*
service  7\10*


Sarah x

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